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Loving the Littlies

The Little Letter Friends - Phonics characters for Prep/Kindergarten

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Meet The Little Letter Friends – 26 lovable characters to teach students about letters and sounds. From Andy Ant to Ziggy Zebra, your students will learn about phonics in a fun and engaging way. Characters can be explored in any order – aligning seamlessly with any scope and sequence. Each letter has its own character, own story, a chant and matching action making it a multi-sensory learning experience. Lesson plans for each letter are also included! This resource is the perfect addition to your phonics instruction for your Kindergarten students. Ready to explore the magic of The Little Letter Friends? Read on!

Important: This is a digital resource. No physical resource will be shipped to you. You will be able to download the resource immediately after purchase.  

Who are The Little Letter Friends?

  • The Little Letter Friends are 26 characters – one for every letter of the alphabet! Characters include Andy Ant, Candy Cat, Indi Insect, Timmy Turtle and many, many more! They are designed to help children learn about letters and sounds in a child-friendly way. Each characters loves something that begins with the same letter as their name, and the chant and matching action helps children to remember the associated sound.


What’s included in this resource?

  • A story featuring all 26 characters, called The Great Letter Fair. It is in PowerPoint format so put it up on your Smartboard and learn about The Little Letter Friends! This story is a great introduction to the characters of Letterville and can be read over and over.
  • 26 short stories (also on PowerPoint so you can put it up on your Smartboard!) starring each one of The Little Letter Friends. Each story features many words beginning with the focus letter, exposing students to hearing the focus sound over and over. (There’s also some great vocabulary that you might like to unpack with your class!)
  • Large posters displaying the letter, the matching character, the chant, and action. For example, Andy Ant loves apples, Andy Ant /a/ (Action: pretend to eat an apple). Bobby Bear loves balls, Bobby Bear /b/ (Action: pretend to bounce a ball). Why not say the chants every day to revise the sounds?
  • Student worksheets for students to complete. Once they learn about a character and their associated sound, students will draw pictures of things that the character would love (that also begin with the focus sound).
  • Small-size cards (4 to a page) of the characters and matching letter. Why not give these to your students (or better yet, have them decorate them?) They are a great reminder of which characters they have met to date.
  • 26 lessons plans: Not sure how best to use this resource? Follow the lesson plans! Remember, they can be done in any order, so align them to your school’s phonics scope and sequence.


How can I use this in my classroom?

Please note, this has been designed to be used in addition to your current phonics program. It’s a way for you to expose your students to letters and sounds in a cute and engaging way. It includes lesson plans. As you teach a new letter/sound to your students from your phonics program, you could read them the matching story, and teach them the chant and action.

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