Welcome to Loving the Littlies

My passions are two-fold.

Firstly, I want to help Prep teachers feel confident in teaching Prep. 

Many of us are told, "You'll be in Prep" and think, Oh, OK, now what? How do I teach Prep? (*Googles: How to teach Prep?)

That was me. When I first started teaching Prep, I was a fresh-faced teacher in a new school, in new state, with a new curriculum (not that I even knew what that meant), oh, and I was the only Prep teacher. 

I had no idea what I was doing. 

I'd spend my night browsing Pinterest for ideas because I literally didn't know how to teach Prep. Teacher-gram wasn't a thing back then so I had no one to go to for advice. I was terrified my principal would realise I was a massive fraud and that she'd made a mistake in hiring me. 

So, back to my passion. I want to help Prep teachers feel good about teaching Prep.

That second passion I mentioned? It's about helping parents feel confident when helping their children with reading.

I've had many parents come to me worried that their child was struggling, but they felt completely unsure how to help them without things leading to a fight.

Therefore, my second passion was born. I want parents to feel equipped with the tools to help their child succeed with reading.

Whichever reason brings you here, you're in the right place.

Meet the owner

Hello! I'm Stephanie.

I'm an Australian teacher (and mum) who can't stop making resources for our little learners.

Five and six year olds are my people. Who else is going to ask me what my third favourite dinosaur is?

Considering I spend my days (and nights!) with little people, I've come to understand how best to teach them. Therefore you'll find my resources are fun, engaging and best of all, help these little learners thrive.

Since creating 'Loving the Littlies' in early 2022, I've sold thousands of resources to teachers and parents around the world.

Reach out to me if you ever need anything!