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High frequency words PowerPoint | Heart words Flash words

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re you looking for a better way to teach high frequency words to your Prep/Kindergarten students? Perhaps you’ve heard a little bit about the Science of Reading, but you’re unsure how to implement their teachings into your own classroom? Well, this PowerPoint resource was made for you! It consists of 80 of the most-commonly used words, both flash words and heart words, that your Prep students will want to know!

Important: This is a digital resource. No physical resource will be shipped to you. You will be able to download the resource immediately after purchase. 

Please check out the PREVIEW here.

What is a flash word and a heart word?

  • A flash word is a word that can be easily decoded (sounded out). There is no tricky part so students can decode it “in a flash!”
  • A heart word is a word that has a tricky part to remember, or a spelling pattern that hasn’t been taught yet. It can’t be easily decoded. There is a tricky part that students need to remember “by heart”
  • This PowerPoint includes slides outlining these terms. Your students will be able to understand the difference!

 What’s included in this resource

  • A PowerPoint presentation that includes 80 of the most frequently used words. Which words are included? A full list in listed below!
  • Each focus word has seven slides. These slides include:
    • Slide 1: The focus word is introduced and shown in a sentence
    • Slide 2: Students join in counting the sounds in the word (along with the pre-programmed animations)
    • Slide 3: The focus word is broken down into sound boxes (again, all pre-programmed animations!)
    • Slide 4: It outlines if there is a tricky part to remember (and if so, what the tricky part is)
    • Slide 5: Students decide whether it is a flash word or a heart word
    • Slide 6: Students read through a table of words to find the focus word
    • Slide 7: Students write the focus word on their mini whiteboard

 Two options of a contents page are included: one where the words are sorted alphabetically, the other where the words are sorted by sound. No matter which you choose, all words have hyperlinks, so you simply click on a word and you will be taken straight to that slide!

  • A 15-page “Teacher Instructions” document is included to help explain how best to use this resource. It even included a suggested script! You don’t need to worry about a thing.

 Many of the slides are editable! This means you can change the font if you wish, or change the explanation of the tricky parts! Please see the preview which outlines all the parts that are editable.

Did you know that I also have High Frequency Word Worksheets that are the perfect complement to this PowerPoint. You can check out the worksheets here!

This resource is PERFECT for you if:

  • You teach Prep/Kindergarten and you want to introduce high-frequency words to your class in a science-based way
  • You have heard a little about the Science of Reading, but aren’t quite sure how to implement it in terms of high-frequency words
  • You like to work smarter, not harder! The word has been done for you. You simply put it up on your Smartboard and work through the slides with your students


Please note: This resource is NOT a scope and sequence. It is designed to complement your school’s scope and sequence for teaching high-frequency words.


Frequently asked questions:

What words are included in this PowerPoint?

A, all, am, an, and, as, at, be, big, boy, but, by, came, can, come, dad, day, did, do, for, friend, get, girl, go, good, got, had, has, have, he, her, him, his, how, I, if, in, into, is, it, like, look, me, mum, my, no, not, of, off, on, or, out, play, put, said, see, she, so, some, soon, that, the, them, then, this, too, to, up, very, want, was, we, went, when, who, will, with, yes, you


Who is this resource suitable for?

This resource has been designed with Prep/Kindergarten students in mind. The 80 words included are words that I have found to be most commonly used and seen in a Prep classroom. This resource may be beneficial to Year 1 students. Please have a closer look at the preview to decide if it would suit your students

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