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Word of the Day | Vocabulary Building | Vocabulary PowerPoint

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Did you know that one of the best ways to build our students’ comprehension is to ensure they have a rich vocabulary? It’s true. A student might be able to read or hear a word being read, but if they don’t know what that word means, then their comprehension will suffer. That’s why it is so important to constantly expose our students to new words and explicitly teach them the meaning of those words. Spend 5-10 minutes a day teaching your students new and interesting vocabulary with this done-for-you PowerPoint!

What is included in this resource?

  • 50 words included – See a list of the words below. If you focus on one word a day, there’s enough words for ten weeks!
  • Each word has 7 slides dedicated to it:
    • Slide 1: The word is introduced, and a sentence example appears.
    • Slide 2: A child-friendly definition is given along with a matching picture.
    • Slide 3: Synonyms are listed so students can connect this new word with words they already know.
    • Slide 4: A question is posed for students to reflect about. They then discuss with a partner.
    • Slide 5: Students are to share with a partner what the word means in their own words.
    • Slide 6: Students are invited to think of a sentence, using the word.
    • Slide 7: Assessment check-in– Students are given two possible meanings for the word and they are to show which one is correct by using their fingers. It is also a quick way for the teacher to assess if the students understand the meaning of the word.

Please note this resource is in PowerPoint format so you will need to have access to PowerPoint on your computer/Smartboard to use this resource.


Q: What words are in this resource?

Giggle, harmless, grumpy, chilly, miserable, tangled, spotless, scrub, responsible, stomp, brave, rotten, eager, exhausted, trade, jealous, polite, immediately, limp, simple, gobbled, stroll, bellowed, glance, nibble, glorious, frustrated, adult, lucky, proud, filthy, toasty, sharp, grin, glum, half, gloomy, remove, fancy, burst, ache, mystery, peck, crept, boast, pair, ajar, jolly, stunning, shore.


Q: Are my students expected to read these words?

No! The purpose of this resource is not for your students to read the words. Many of these words are not decodable for your students yet. The purpose is to develop their vocabulary. That means to expose them to new words and explain what these words mean. This is so when they do encounter these words in everyday conversation or read-alouds, they know what the words mean. Remember, a strong vocabulary leads to strong comprehension.


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