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Loving the Littlies

Term 1 Writing Unit for Prep/Kindergarten

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This unit has everything you need to teach your Kindergarten/Prep students how to write when they first begin school. If you’re a graduate teacher, new to teaching Kindergarten/Prep, or you just want to get your planning time back, then this resource is for you! This resource includes everything you need to feel confident when teaching your writing lessons. Featuring 32 lesson plans, matching digital learning intentions and worksheets for your students to work through, you don’t need to worry about planning for the first term of Kindergarten. I’ve done it for you!

Important: This is a digital resource. No physical resource will be shipped to you. You will be able to download the resource immediately after purchase. 

Please check out the PREVIEW here. 

What’s included in this resource

  • 32 lesson plans – simply print and go! You won’t need to plan for writing for a whole term! I’ve got you covered.
  • Digital learning intentions and success criteria for every lesson - Simply display these learning intentions on your Smartboard and click the lesson you are up to from the contents page. No more trying to cram learning intentions at the top of your whiteboard!
  • Worksheets included - This unit has four main parts: teaching your students how to draw, how to label, how to remake sentences and how to write sentences. The first 3 parts of the unit uses worksheets. But guess what? They’re included! You’ll also love the different font options. Note: Whilst the worksheets are included, students will still need to have a writing book to paste their worksheets into. They will also write sentences in this book later in the unit.


You will need PowerPoint to use this resource. Also, the PowerPoint will need to be in slideshow mode for the animations and hyperlinks to work.


What else is awesome about this resource?

  • There are 6 different font options. Why? Well in Australia we have five different ways we teach handwriting. Kind of crazy, but true. So you’ll notice this resource has font options: Victorian, NSW, SA, Tas, QLD. There are two options for the Learning Intentions PowerPoint: one where you can edit the text, one where the next is not editable. To use the editable version, you will need to install the font onto your Smartboard. Don’t worry, it’s easy.
  • I’ve also included Century Gothic font for non-Australian teachers. In this option the documents are letter-paper size so will match your printers.

What kinds of lessons are included?

These lessons are broken up into four categories:

  • Illustration Lessons. It is important that students know how to draw before they can even begin writing. These 8 lessons teach your students how to draw things like boys, girls, houses, cats, dogs and more.
  • Labelling Lessons. These 8 lessons focus on labelling parts of a picture. In these lessons, students are taught to hear and record the initial sounds in words (or perhaps in the initial and final sounds).
  • Remaking Sentences Lessons. In these 8 lessons, students learn about the features of a sentence and remake jumbled sentences. They are also encouraged to read and write the sentences too.
  • Writing Sentences Lessons. In these 8 lessons, students begin writing very simple sentences. They learn about features such as capital letters, spaces between words, full stops, sounding out and using words in the room. These lessons do not have matching worksheets. They are all done in their writing book.



How the lessons work

Each lesson plan includes the following:

  • Learning Intention and Success Criteria (remember, these match the digital ones you put up on your Smartboard
  • Resources required (so you can quickly see which slide you will need and which worksheet to copy for your students)
  • Whole class lesson – this is where you can use the script (or modify it) to teach your mini lesson. Each lesson builds on the previous ones at a comfortable pace. In this part of the lesson there is lots of opportunities for student participation, teacher think-alouds and joint writing.
  • Independent activity: This is where students practise the skill you have taught them in the mini lesson. There are extending prompts and support prompts included as we all know, every class has a range of abilities. The differentiation is sorted for you.
  • Reflection/Share time: This is the opportunity for students to share their work with their classmates. It’s a time to celebrate all learners, no matter their abilities. Suggested prompts are also included in the lesson plan.


This resource is PERFECT for you if:

  • You are new to teaching Prep/Kindergarten and are unsure how to teach your students how to write
  • You are a graduate teacher, feeling a little unsure because your university didn’t teach you how to teach writing
  • You are a seasoned teacher but you are sick of planning and want your weekends back!


 Frequently asked questions:

Q: What fonts are included in this resource

Victorian font, NSW font, SA font, QLD font, Tas font, Century Gothic

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