A close look at the Term 3 Writing Unit for Prep/Kindergarten

A close look at the Term 3 Writing Unit for Prep/Kindergarten

Hello, Prep/Kindergarten teachers! If you're looking for a resource that will save you precious time and make writing an exciting journey for your students, you're in the right place.

Today, I’m thrilled to tell you about one of my most popular products: the Term 3 Writing Unit for Kindergarten. This comprehensive unit is designed to support you and your students every step of the way, ensuring that your little writers grow in confidence and ability throughout the term.


Why you'll love the Term 3 Writing Unit

Imagine having everything you need to teach writing at your fingertips for an entire term. Whether you're a new teacher finding your way, a seasoned pro looking to reclaim your weekends, or simply someone who loves well-organized resources, this unit is your dream come true.


What’s inside this unit?

1. 40 Detailed Lesson Plans

 Say goodbye to hours spent planning. Each lesson plan is meticulously crafted, so you can focus on teaching and engaging with your students. Simply print and go. 

Every lesson builds upon the previous one, ensuring a smooth progression that boosts students' confidence and skills.



    2. Digital learning intentions and success criteria

    Display these on your Smartboard with a click. No more scribbling learning intentions on your whiteboard! Instead, put up on the big screen so everyone can see, and unpack each success criteria with your class. 

    Each lesson’s objectives and success criteria are clearly outlined, making it easy for students to understand their goals.


      3. All Resources Included

      From word banks and learning intention slips to support prompts, every resource you need is included. All you need are your students' writing books. Resources are printable and easy to distribute, streamlining your preparation process.



      The types of lessons that this unit covers

      Your students will experience a rich variety of writing activities designed to engage and inspire:

      • Holiday Recount: Kicking off with a fun recount of their holiday adventures, students learn to include details like when, where, who, and what.
      • Writing Questions: Over three lessons, students master forming and using question marks.
      • Writing Lists: Four lessons dedicated to creating and understanding lists.
      • Sentences with Adjectives: Eight lessons on enriching their sentences with descriptive words.
      • Writing Opinions: Another eight lessons focusing on expressing and supporting their opinions.
      • Sentences with Labelled Pictures: Four lessons using visuals to spark sentence writing.
      • Book Making: A creative project where students become authors and celebrate their books in a mini book fair.
      • Procedural Writing: Eight lessons on crafting “how to” pieces.

        Differentiation made easy

        Every classroom has a wide range of abilities, and this unit is designed to meet each child where they are. Each lesson includes:

        • Support Prompts: Modifications for less confident writers.
        • Extending Prompts: Challenges for advanced writers.
        • Abundant Resources: More writing supports than you can imagine, ensuring every student can feel successful.

        All Australian fonts included

        Understanding that Australian classrooms use different handwriting fonts, this unit includes:

        • 8 Font Options: Victorian Modern Cursive, NSW, SA, SA Beginner, QLD Beginner, Tas, Sassoon Primary, and Century Gothic for non-Australian teachers.
        • Editable and Non-Editable Digital Resources: Flexibility to suit your needs and preferences.

          How the lessons work

          Each lesson plan is a complete guide, featuring:

          • Learning Intention and Success Criteria: Matching the digital versions for seamless integration.
          • Required Resources: Clear and concise, so you know exactly what you need.
          • Whole Class Lesson: Scripts and suggestions for engaging, interactive teaching.
          • Independent Activity: Differentiated tasks that cater to all skill levels.
          • Reflection/Share Time: Opportunities for students to celebrate their work and learn from each other.

            Who is this unit made for?

            Teachers who are new to Prep/Kindergarten: Teaching in Prep for the first time can be an uncertain time: Questions flood your mind like, How do I teach writing? What am I meant to cover? This unit takes care of all those questions for you. 

            Graduate Teachers: You're fresh from uni and you've suddenly realised that when it comes to teaching writing, uni has left you woefully unprepared. Don't worry, we've all been there. This unit takes care of all the planning and resources so you can focus on finding your feet.

            Experienced Teachers: This unit gives you the freedom to enjoy your weekends and evenings again. You can actually leave work on time and recharge.


              Did you know about the money-saving bundle?

              Get even more value by purchasing the Term 3 Writing Unit in a bundle with Term 1, Term 2, and Term 4 units. Click here to explore the bundle options! Imagine having your whole year of writing lessons planned? That's the dream.

              Teaching writing doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right tools and a few strategic tips, you can create a classroom environment where every student feels confident and excited to write. Here’s to making Term 3 the best yet for you and your budding writers!

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