Supporting Little Readers - A pack made for parents and guardians, just like you!

Supporting Little Readers - A pack made for parents and guardians, just like you!

Are you a parent or guardian of a bright, curious, and energetic 5 to 7-year-old, but you've noticed that your little one needs some extra help with reading?

Or perhaps you're eagerly preparing your child for their school journey and want to make sure they start off on the right foot?

If you're nodding your head, you're in the right place!

Introducing Supporting Little Readers - a reading support pack made for parents and guardians. (No teaching experience required!)


Every child's reading journey is unique, and it's perfectly normal for some to need a little extra guidance and support. That's where Supporting Little Readers comes in.

As a teacher of five and six year olds for many years, I'm often approached by friends of mine, looking for advice on how to support their child with reading. 

One thing became clear. Parents (and guardians) most certainly want to help their children with reading, but they have no idea where to start. And why would they? These parents weren't teachers. 

That's why I decided to make this pack. It's designed in a way that parents and guardians from all backgrounds can follow. 


Q: What is included in the pack?

  • 31 lessons that build upon each other.
  • Lessons are written in a way that parents and guardians can follow. No teaching experience necessary!
  • student workbook is included so your child can practise the skills you've just taught them, but in a fun way. (The student workbook is available in a coloured or black and white version so you have some options for printing). 
  • Alphabet flashcards, tricky word cards, mouth formation cards, and small letter cards are included in the download. 
  • These lessons are aligned with the Science of Reading

Q: Will a physical resource be sent to me?

No, this is a digital resource. That means you can download it straight after purchasing. You will need to print this pack yourself so please factor that into your decision-making. No physical product will be sent you to

Invest in your child's reading success with Supporting Little Readers today and witness the transformative impact it can have on your child's confidence and love for reading. Don't let your child's reading struggles hold them back – empower them to thrive!

Click HERE to start using Supporting Little Readers today!

Want to help your child with reading but unsure where to start?

Supporting Little Readers was made for you! This pack has everything you need to support your little one with reading.