How to help your child read new words

How to help your child read new words

For some beginning readers, blending 3 sounds at once can be tricky.

You might hear something like this:

“/s/a/t/ = tap”.

By the time they’ve said the last sound in the word, they can’t quite remember the first sounds.

For children struggling with this, try successive blending. Successive blending is where they blend one sound at a time.

Let me show you an example.


Rather than having the child read this whole word, show them part of it. (Perhaps cover the last part with your hand or paper).

Have your child focus on the first two sounds: “/s/a/“ Have them tap each sound as they say it: “/s/a/...ssssaaaa"

Now add in the final sound: “sssaaaa...t”

Now have them read the whole word: “sat”

I’ve used this strategy with children who are struggling with blending and it’s amazing what a difference it makes for them. Give it a try if you haven’t!

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